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Nowdays,different materials such as fiberglass , hard plastic and steel are used to make kitchen sinks.But kitchen sinks made of stainless steel have been able to dominate the market due to the nature and special qualities of the steel used in them.

Among the stainless steel sheets used to make kitchen sinks are "SUL304L" , "SUS304JI" and "SUS304"

Introduction company steel alborz 

Alborz steel Industries Company which currently exports its products to over 35 countries in the world is proud of itself as a model exporting compay.the company which has succeeded in obtaining quality control and maagement certificates from such reliable institute as IQNet , CSQ , MIC , CISQ , IMQ and UKAS takes pride in having been able to take a stride with a view to helping this countryis industries blossom and flourish with the assistance of Almighty God and by using its dynamic management , hard-working personal and technical know- how.

The company is Research and Deveiopment Section has been actively making efforts to provide suitable designs for kitchen sinks with a view to promoting the quality of products .And , the Quality Control Section has been checking products by using state-of-art systems and methods.

Familiar with the best Alborz Steel Sink

Steel Alborz, one of the oldest and most well-known brands in the production of kitchen tools and equipment, has a very versatile and efficient products for use in the kitchens. The Alborz Steel Sinks are among the products of this company that are designed with great elegance and beauty, and are built in accordance with domestic and international standards. Although all Alborz Steel Sinks have high quality and performanceBut some of its models, such as 814 sinks and 815 sinks, benefit from unique design and extraordinary performance, and are among the most sought after sinks in the Iranian market, which do not have any rivals, and at different times, The best-selling dishwasher is available on the market.

By visiting the Alborz Market website, you can acquaint yourself with all kinds of Alborz products and check out the features of each of these models, purchase your ideal option and deliver the purchased goods at your door, and also The main warranty of Steel Alborz Company is also available.

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