Model : 170

Outer dimension (cm):46*49*16/5                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Bowl dimension (cm) :41/2*41/2*15/5                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Made of 18.8 stainless steel

Thickness (cm) : 0.8 & 1

For installation in base of 600 mm min

Paking size (cm) : 47*47*17/5 

Sink Steel Alborz -
Alborz Market Sink Aluminum Sales Representative in Tehran, and from then on to all city representatives
Alborz Steel Sink in all types of doors and windows
Alborz sink in fantasy, semi fancy, classical category
Alborz Stainless Steel Sink has two certificates of the ISO 90012000 series
Today, throughout the world, various materials such as fiberglass, hard plastic and steel are used to make kitchen sinks, among which stainless steel sinks are a kind of alloy with unique properties such as stainless steel, high strength, durability and lightness. Has a major share of the sink market.
The stainless steel stainless steel sheets are produced and supplied depending on the percentage of the combined elements in different types. Of these, the sheets used to make the kitchen sink include SUS 304, SUS 304 JL, SUS 304 L sBy recognizing the market and the general needs of the country's stainless steel plate, Alborz Steel Industries has been importing a wide variety of quality stainless steel sheets.
Alborz Steel Industries is a leading manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel sinks in Iran and the Middle East. Based on its expertise in world trade and in order to provide and meet the general requirements of stainless steel stainless steel, the company has established a strong and coherent trading network for close communication with the first-generation stainless steel manufacturers in the world.
The services of the roll and sheet coating services are provided by customers with PVC film and PE layers.

Since the production of either Mono Block sinks is always faced with limitations such as the simultaneous pulling of three hips or two hips at different depths, the Alborz Steel Industries Company is launching another unit called Khoram Sanat to remove this limitation and produce sinks. Fusion or fantasy. Each of the sink parts, including the tray and the pelvis, are molded, pressed and polished separately, and ultimately connected to each other by CNC Computer Numerical Control machines, so that after the work is completed and behind All stages of the production of 35 degrees of sync are available to the consumer, which is completely unpolluted and does not have a boiling effect. Therefore, fancy sinks, due to a special technique, provide the opportunity to use thicker sheets, and gradual polishing produces high quality products. On the other hand, due to the structure of production and the variety of templates, variation in the form and dimensions of the sink is possible and the products of the company are produced in different types and models, which are sometimes exclusive and are produced by the design department of the company.

+ Sink Steel Alborz has 10 years warranty and after-sales service

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