Model : G-4601

Outer dimension (cm) : 64*52

4 Gas burners SABAF orginal with safety device

Burners : 1 mini wok burner , 2 semi rapid burners , 1 AUX. burner

Impulse ignition

Tempered glass panel

Cast iron pan supports with enameled burner caps

Styrene foam & carton packed with shrink film 

Adaptable for LPG & natural GAS

Scratch resistant & esay to clean

Quantity : 1*20  240 PCs

Quantity : 1*40  510 PCs


Plate Gas - Alborz Steel TablePlate Gas Cooker - Aluminum Aluminum Stainless Steel Table

Alborz Market Resellers - Alibor Shelby in Tehran and sent to all cities

Alborz Steel Steel Fittings, Glass, Ceramic SheetsAlborz Steel Tab With Italian Parts SABAF, DEFENDI HE, SCHOTT CERAN
Alborz Steam Glass Stoves
- Steel stoves, Alborz Steel with more than 20 different models and different dimensions
- Use of gas-fired parts of SABAF and DEFENDI Italy
- All the main parts of the stove, such as milk, flame, lighters and thermocouples, are made in Italy
- Includes standard mark and global valid certificates
- Equipped with TOP TIME thermocouple
- Flame retardants with high efficiency. HIGH EFFICIENCY
Alborz stainless steel stoves
- Steam cookers, Alborz Steel with over 40 different models and different dimensions
- Use of gas-fired parts of SABAF and DEFENDI Italy
- Alborz Steel has a standard mark and internationally recognized certificates
- High Efficiency High Definition flame spreaders
- Safe and convenient packaging
Alborz Steel Ceramic Gas Cooker
- Alborz Steel Ceramic Gas Powered by SCHOT CERAN Made in Germany
- SABAF and DEFENDI Italy gas burner parts
- Authority against impact and temperatures exceeding 800 degrees
- With special cleaning knife and cleaner
- Easy and quick cleaning
+ Alborz Steel Steel, with 18 months of warranty and after-sales service, offers comfort and tranquility to respectable customers.

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