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Plate Gas - Alborz Steel Table Plate

- Aluminum Aluminum Stainless Steel Table

Alborz Market Plate Board

- Alborz Steel Table Shop in Tehran and fast delivery to all cities

Alborz Steel Steel Fittings, Glass, Ceramic Sheets Alborz Steel Tab With Italian Parts SABAF, DEFENDI HE, SCHOTT CERAN

Glass In-set Hobs

- Steel stoves, Alborz Steel with more than 20 different models and different dimensions

- Use of gas-fired parts of SABAF and DEFENDI Italy

- All the main parts of the stove, such as milk, flame, lighters and thermocouples, are made in Italy

- Includes standard mark and global valid certificates

- Alborz Steel has a safe and convenient packaging

- Equipped with TOP TIME thermocouple

- Flame retardants with high efficiency. HIGH EFFICIENCY

Stainless Steel In-set Hobs

- Steam cookers, Alborz Steel with over 40 different models and different dimensions

- All the main parts of the stove, such as milk, flame, lighters and thermocouples, are made in Italy

- Use of gas-fired parts of SABAF and DEFENDI Italy

- Alborz Steel has a standard mark and internationally recognized certificates

- High Efficiency High Definition flame spreaders

- Safe and convenient packaging

Ceramic Glass In-set Hobs

- Alborz Steel Ceramic hob Powered by SCHOT CERAN Made in Germany

- SABAF and DEFENDI Italy gas burner parts

- Authority against impact and temperatures exceeding 800 degrees

- Has a special cleaning knife and cleaner

- Easy and quick cleaning

+ Alborz Steel Steel, with 18 months of warranty and after-sales service, offers comfort and tranquility to respectable customers.

Today, the prevalence of apartment ownership and the diminution of the area of ​​the houses on the one hand, and the attention to the interior decoration of houses and kitchens, on the other hand, have caused the gasses of desktop, in designs and models, to be of great interest to many people. . Alborz Steel Gas Gases, one of the most popular, most durable and most durable desktop gases in the Iranian market, have been designed and manufactured according to international standards and are widely used. Of all the models provided by Stellar Alborz, the two S5910 and C5902 models have a great deal of popularity among customers, in which we will introduce each of these models and offer you with unique features. The person of each one will get acquainted.

The S5910 Stainless Steel Stove, the 5-gaseous oven, is a flame which, along with its elegant, luxurious appearance, also has some extraordinary technical features. This gas stove, made from Italian gas burners, is made with the DEFENDI and SABAF brands, and the thermocouples used are CAST FUTURA. These thermocouples are ultra-fast, and their presence prevents any polluting gas from spreading in space when the flames suddenly turn off. The thermal efficiency of this product is more than 60% and the heat output of the burners is from small to large (rice cooker), 1, 1.7, 2.5, 4 and 4 kW. The screen protector of these desktop stoves is made of matte glazed mattresses, and thus, its durability and durability, along with its elegance and elegance, is achieved in this model of the Aliborz oil stove. It also has an electric lighter, and the burners are turned on as easily as possible.

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