Model : SA-101

Range hood measures (cm) : 90*48*48

Wind pressure (pa) : 260

Net weight(kg) : 19

Voltage : 220-230 v/50v Hz

Input power : 238 w

Lighting : 2*20 w

Noise level : 55-60 db

Outlet connection size : 150mm

Air flow rate : 780-960 m/h

Alborz Steel Kitchen Hood
Alborz Market Sales Representatives Alborz Steel Hood in Tehran and all cities
Alborz Steel Kitchen Hood in all kinds of fireplaces, underneath cabinets in sophisticated, colorful, white
Alborz Hood features smoke and heat sensor, LCD display, remote control, adjustable height of the chimney, the possibility of installing a coil filter, ultra-fast round, washable aluminum filter, LED light
Fireplace hoods and Alberz Steel Alarm
- Alborz Steel Fireplace Cabinets with more than 30 different models and dimensions.
- The first series of touch and digital subwoofer hoods in Iran
- Alborz Hood Steele has a standard sound level of 55 DB to 45 DB
- Has different models of touch-sensitive mechanical touch-sensitive radio-controlled and controlled buttons
- The Alborz Steel Kitchen Hood has a good suction power of 190 to 960 cubic meters
- A double metal propeller in the engine
Hood is a Alborz Steel Fabric
- A distinctive feature of a hood A stainless steel fabric of Alborz is a cloth with a kitchen cabinet that maintains a handy cabinets on the beauty of the kitchen decoration.
- Cabinets for adjustment of 2 motors and light as a single cloth
- Ability to use without smoke
- Have a 3-round, 4-round, 5-round, 8-round Invarter engine
- Has a volume of 45db, 55db, 70db
+ Alborz Hood, with 24 months warranty and after sales service, offers comfort and tranquility to respectable customers.

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